Sunday, August 1, 2010

elle styles

i always love to help a friend with a new business venture. my girlfriend shelley, who is an amazingly talented hairstylist, recently started her own business: Elle Styles. she will come to you and do your hair, rather than you having to go to a salon. she is amazing at brazilian blowouts, i've seen some of the transformations first hand. 
but anyways, when shelley first told me she was starting her company, and started her facebook page to help promote herself, i said how great it would be if we collaborated on a photo shoot to show off her amazing skills! it just so happened too, that my amazingly talented australian makeup artist houseguest carlie, was still in town and able to do the makeup for the shoot too. 
so together, with three beautiful friends, we put together our photo shoot. i wish shelley and carlie all the luck in their careers, they are both ah-mazingly talented artists! 
and as for our "models", i think all three of you need to quit your day jobs and go become the worlds next top models. seriously. y'all rocked it for me!! 

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  1. Way fab! I'm doing a portfolio shoot for my hairstylist on Sunday. Looks like yours was a lot of fun! The girls look gorgeous! You rocked it out!




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