Monday, August 9, 2010

silly {love} on the Santa Monica Pier

when i meet a couple for the first time, nerves always run like crazy at first. will they like me? will i like them? will they be fun and cute and willing to be cheesy in front of the camera for me? will they think i'm crazy because i sing and dance to the music that plays in my own head? (yes, i have a daily soundtrack that nobody else can hear). but when i met with brittany and romy a few weeks before their engagement session, i had none of those feelings. i knew right off that bat we would get along! it could have been that as they walked up my driveway and my beast of a dog went to go smell and say hello, they both got down to his level and gave him a rub. or it could have been that as soon as they walked through the door, my three year old went and grabbed them two silver bullets out of the fridge (we have him trained so well!), or it could have been just how easy conversation flowed between us. whatever it was, i knew their wedding will be a fun one, and that their engagement session would be a blast as well. 
we headed over to the santa monica pier for their session, and i will admit, i was a little disappointed when we got over the hill and we were hit with the wall of fog. there went my visions of a beautiful sunset and sunflares. but we made the most of it by finding the bright lights and fun colors of the buildings on the pier! i will say too, you know it's a fun session when the guy takes off his shoes, kneels down on them, and  pretends to be too short for a ride. a family walking by took a double take, then started laughing so hard the mom almost fell on the ground! 
brittany and romy- thank you for a fun and adventurous shoot around the pier! lets set the date for our margarita's and mexican food, and the hubs said to go for it and get my tattoo! he was surprised i didn't come home with one anyhow! 
i can't wait for your wedding in a few weeks! 

now i know this one is not technically an amazing picture, but i love how vintage-y it feels. 

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  1. Brittany and Romy are two of my best friends. Thank you for capturing their love in an incredible way. I love you Brit and Romy!




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