Saturday, February 27, 2010

the franti boys birthday

I've been to my fair share of kids birthday parties. between my 10 nieces and nephews, and all our friends who have kids, i'd say the numbers are in the triple, digits.

here are my top 5 birthday party "parting" gifts:

5. nothing! i love taking the kids to parties and not coming back with a basket of junk. seems bahhumbuggy, but really, i'll probably just end up throwing most of the stuff away after i get the bambinos to bed anyways. just like the toy that comes in the happy meal.

4. from our niece's and nephew's joint party: pictures from the photo booth. They had one at the house and it was the most fun, and memorable part of the day! E was only a few months old, so i love that we have our first "family" pictures from their birthday. i don't know who had more fun with the booth either, the kids or all us adults!

3. from Christopher's 1st birthday: a monkey faced hooded towel. probably the most useful and cutest towel i have ever owned. and it gets softer after every wash.

2. from Trinity's 2nd birthday, a bug themed sleeping bag, back pack, and canteen set. gets used just about every single day in this house. awesome. absolutely awesome.

1. from the franti boys 3rd and 5th joint birthday party. meet Dart. the newest addition to the Vitar family. the kids all got to "fish" for their new pet at today's party. mind you they were out there fishing around a plastic kiddie pool IN THE PORING RAIN! but they didn't care! all they knew was that they got to bring home their very own pet fish. complete with bowl, rocks and food! mama thought of everything!

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  1. Kym, these are beautiful! Your talent is growing and growing!!!




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