Friday, February 5, 2010

i'm not sure when my fascination with sunsets and clouds began, but if there is one activity that i could do for hours, it's lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by. my imagination goes wild as to what shapes are forming, and what God is trying to tell me through them. corny, i know. but i think one thing i love about them is that you will never see the same sky again.
Yesterday, I looked out the window and saw that the sun was starting to set. there was a beautiful glow coming through the clouds, and the hills by our house were lit up like i'd never seen. i asked the hubs if he wanted to go for a ride to me up to my church, since it has the best view around, so that i could shoot the sunset. so we tried to quickly load up the bambinos and get up there, and it seemed like that 4 min drive took an eternity. of course, when you are dealing with sunsets, 4 minutes is the difference of if you catch it or not. unfortunately, i missed it. i was a little bummed, but off we went to pick up our thai food for dinner. which made missing the sunset all better.

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