Thursday, February 25, 2010

i'm getting better about this whole blogging thing. i think it's catching on. in fact, i think it's catching on a little too much! i feel like i have an internal dialog going at all times, wondering, hmmm, would that make a good blog? would people think that was funny, or just boring and pointless. would I want to read that, or even worse, since nothing on the internet ever can actually be erased, would I want my kids to read that some day? my problem is finding the time to sit and blog it out. juggling a toddler, a cruising baby, a four legged "fur"st born, and of course, the hubby, the housework, and both my mini businesses (one friend says i'm like a jamacian, with a business for every day. i tell her i only have 2 i get paid for, the rest go along with the title of Mrs and Mama) it's hard to find the time to sit and type. but when i do, i'm enjoying it. i've always been a journaler, and in fact, at one point i considered becoming a journalist (beauty editor, so i could try all the awesome new products, utilize my cosmetology licience, and write all at once.). only it hit me, people would have to read what i wrote. and then i got page fright. so i nixed that idea, but i still think it would be a pretty awesome job.

i made a beautiful diaper cake today (part of my other mini business), and am so proud of it! i only hope the recipient loves it as much as i do!

and of course, my lil 10 month old! time flies so quickly it's scary!

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