Saturday, November 27, 2010

northridge, ca family photography: a family's first photos...

i felt honored when yoly contacting me a couple weeks back to capture their new family's first portraits together. 

i had a beautiful location picked out: an awesome abandoned lot with a rickety old fence, over grown grass, and gorgeous oak trees (i'm a sucker for those oaks!) i had everything envisioned, then the day before the session, i did my standard drive by, and everything had been mowed down. quickly, i went into hyper drive, and stumbled upon a lovely area behind a local church. 

it couldn't have been more perfect. the lighting was perfect, the day was perfect (you wouldn't have believed it was raining the day before), and of course, the family was perfect. 

these two are g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. in every syllable of the word, gorgeous. and together, the created a beautiful little man, who is the spitting image of daddy. 

 i love watching families interact together, and always try to capture the real moments, not just the poses. so much of the story and how they love and adore each other can be seen in those moments when they think they are just trying to get the baby to smile. 

 i tried to dognap their bulldog, bohdi, but they were on to me! 

 milo made us work for the smiles today! and totally worth it! 
 after milo had his fill, we captured just a few of joal and yoly. the camera seriously loves these two! 

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