Tuesday, November 9, 2010

long beach, ca newborn photographer: oh, the joy of boys!

baby boys are notorious for bodily malfunctions. why else would they sell peepee teepee's? luca stayed true to form, and christened not just his mama, but his daddy too! i don't normally start a post about mishaps, but seriously, it was the funniest thing to see (i only laugh because i have been there, numerous times, having two boys of my own!)! welcome to the club! 

luca was an itty 15 days only when i was lucky enough to come photograph him, his sister frankie, and his mama and daddy. they welcomed me into their home with open arms, and allowed me to be part of their family for a couple hours. it had been a few months since i had seen them during their last family session, and i was excited to hang out in the LBC! i needed my belmont shore fix! 

while they are all still adjusting to being a family of 4 now, it was precious to see daddy holding his little man, watching a college football game. i'm sure that will become a saturday morning tradition in their home. and big sister loves to check for stinky diapers. we'll see how long that will last though! and mama, well she is glowing from the love and happiness that her family brings her! 



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