Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a personal project...

i'm a dreamer. and a schemer. i come up with these crazy ideas that wouldn't seem possible or plausible to the normal person, but to me, they are just another way to better myself. both creatively and personally. 

my latest idea, my hubs was adamantly against. he said there was no way we would do it, and that the idea was (imagine this) crazy. but i, being stubborn, and a extremely good at convincing people to do what i want, somehow talked the hubs into it! 

so what is this crazy idea, you are probably wondering by now? it's my own hair salon. doesn't sound too crazy, right? but it's not just a hair salon, it's a hair salon on wheels. yeah, i said it. on wheels. as in traveling. as in, buckle down the shampoo bowl, lock up the color, kym's coming through with a trailer hooked up to the back of her truck- salon on wheels! and it gets even better. it's a 1956 sardine can trailer! 

so here's the back story: we were driving down a backroad on our way to ventura a few weeks back, and i saw it. in all it's rusted out glory. m and the boys were sleeping, and i slapped him quickly and said, look babe, that's it! that is exactly what i want! he quickly glanced at it as we drove by, and said we could stop on the way home and check it out. we talked about it while we were at the beach, and he finally thought ok, maybe. we agreed that if it was like oh, $300 we'd buy it. after all, we'd spent more on alcohol (don't judge) for a party than that. 

on our way home, we stopped to check it out. after seeing it, we definitely decided it wasn't worth more than $300, but that it has potential. so he went in, asked, and as he was walking out, he's shaking his head back and forth. i thought that meant no go, it's too expensive. but to my utter excitement. he walks over to me and says, 

"it's $300 bucks".

i was giddy. i finally get my trailer! we needed to go home and talk it over again, and he wanted to do some research into them and see how difficult it would be (he's a google research addict), so while at home that night, i gave him a list as to why it was a good idea:

5. it would get the hair out of the kitchen
4. people wouldn't need to have their hair washed in our kitchen sink anymore
3. all of my hair stuff would be out of the house and in one spot
2. when we move, we can take it with us
and the number one reason it was a good idea:
1. he can use his welder. 

yeah. that last one is what sold him! we've wanted a classic car to restore, but instead, it's going to be a classic trailer! 

it's going to take a while to rehab, after all, we bought it for $300, and it needs e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. re done. but that is ok! i love me a project! so look for updates and stories about our progress, and hopefully in late 2011 it will be finished! and who knows, maybe you'll see me one day driving down the street, on my way to a photo shoot with my hair and wardrobe trailer behind me! 

until then, here are a few before pictures, so you can see just. how. much. work. it. needs!! 

 we didn't trust the axel, so we had to have it towed to the house- tack on another 200 bucks!

nestled into it's home next to our house! isn't it just adorable! 


  1. How exciting Kym!! And what a great idea.

  2. So fun... in the meanwhile it will make a SUPER cute back drop for photos!! Maybe a barefoot and pregnant mama standing in the door way? Love the turquoise! Fav color.

    Congrats on the fun find! I love it when the stories of our lives come together like that.

  3. SO awesome & exciting! way to "go for it!" Can't wait to see what happens :)




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