Thursday, November 18, 2010

san jose family photography: the smiles are abundant!

peyton *might* just be my favorite little one to photograph. always. i have had the joy of watching him grow in his mama's tummy, capture him in all his newborn glory, and watch as he has grown into a little 10 month old bruiser! the joy that this little guy has, melts, like seriously melts my heart! i love the time i get to spend with the christie family each time i am up north, and have loved to watch sheri and dave become such loving and caring parents. they just recently moved into their new home, and are lucky enough to have an ahhhmazing oak in the back that was shedding it's leaves. making for the perfect backdrop for their holiday cards! 

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  1. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do beautiful work Kym! I would love to do a photo shoot with you if we ever were to be in San Jose at the same time! And like you said in your paragraph, Peyton is sooo easy to photograph because he is soooo darn happy all the time! We love our little Christie nephew :)




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