Monday, November 1, 2010

inspiration for what to wear for your session

it never fails. as soon as i have locked in the date of a session, the next question is almost always: "what should we wear?!" i love answering the question, because i can come up with all sorts of fun outfits. but that doesn't mean that they will fit your family, children's or fiance's tastes ("a blazer? on him? i can't even get him out of a t shirt"). while there are no rules per say, of what to wear, i can always give suggestions. 

1. coordinate, but don't match. if you all show up in the same shirt, i will laugh. and then post your session on promise. instead, pick one or two coordinating colors, and let each person choose which they like.  in their style clothing. it's ok if your son wants to be in a t shirt and jeans, and you want your little girl in a cute little dress, as long as the colors work together. it makes everyone much more comfortable and happy, and in return, you get better pictures because your kids are happy with what they are wearing. 

2. don't go for too busy of patterns or colors. one person in a vivid pattern, ok. but two people in vivid patterns makes for a very distracting photo. dress everyone else in solids or low contrasting stripes. 

3. don't go overly trendy. unless you intend on redoing your photos yearly (which really, i wouldn't mind!), don't dress too trendy in your photos. you want to be in something classic, that will withhold the tests of time. but of course, don't avoid all trendiness, you want your personality to shine through too. but just think if you will be embarrassed showing your future daughter-in-law these pictures in 20 years from now! ha!

4. have a back up outfit in case the weather changes/ someone gets dirty/ or it just isn't working. cute sweaters/jackets for everyone should be thought out as well for the fall. we never know just how cold it will get as the sun goes down. or even by just stepping into the shade. especially for the little ones, we want them warm and cozy so we don't have little cranky monsters! and since we can't predict accidents, have a spare pair of pants and shirt incase someone decides to take a roll in the leaves, and they turn out to be wet, or if she just isn't happy sporting the tights and skirt idea any more. 

5. have fun with what you wear! seriously. there is no need to be overly stuffy with clothes. i'm going to make you sit on the ground. i'm going to make you play around and have fun. i'm going to make you look your best, in your best, but i don't want you worrying about getting dirty! i will watch out for overly dirty areas and make sure we avoid them, but sometimes, the best places for pictures are off the beaten path. 

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  1. Love it! It looks like it was fun to do too =)

  2. Kym this is awesome! Such a good idea and I love the combos you created :)




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