Monday, March 29, 2010

amazing company with an amazing give away!

so, thanks to my fellow photog friend kathryn , my eyes have been opened to the beauty and functionality of Epiphanie camera bags. i am a bag whore. there, i said it. i own more purses/ diaper bags/ beach bags/ reusable grocery bags/ etc than i care to even admit to! what can i say, i can't pass up a cute bag! Some woman are shoes and jewelry, i am purses and bags. and when i saw these on kathryn's blog, i about pulled out the credit card and purchased one right then and there. then i read about the generous give away contest they have going on right now for a Canon Mark 5 II camera. only my (and every other photog's) dream camera. OR a $2,500 travel credit on southwest airlines. can we say wow! i would be stoked over either prize! the places i could go with $2,500 dollars free flying! my mind is spinning (does southwest fly to tahiti?)

while i know over 3000 people have entered the contest, and i don't really think i will win (i don't have the best of luck in raffles. i can put 5 tickets in a box that only got 6, and not win!) more than anything, i want people to check out this company and read about their mission.

I know what i will be asking for for my next gift, do you?!?!

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