Friday, March 26, 2010

just married- 16 years ago

16 years ago i stood next to my sister melissa in an off the doily covered shoulder, short teal brocade dress (with white panty hose on ). my hair was big and the bow in it was even bigger. It was 1994, and her wedding day. today, on their anniversary, james and melissa took a trip down to playa del rey with their children and we took some long over due pictures of the two of them, and of the whole family. after our session, the hubs and i brought the kids to our house, so mom and dad can enjoy a night away at the beautiful inn at playa del rey. i wish i had taken some photos of them there too, it is such a quaint and beautiful bed and breakfast. definitely on my list of places to stay within a 30 mile radius of my house!

congrats missy and james on 16 years of marriage! you two have been an example of lasting love and commitment to each other, and i pray my marriage will include as much fun and adventure as yours has! i love you!


  1. Beautiful Kym! I just love the composition of the one where they're all sitting together. Getting more and more excited for next month!




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