Monday, March 29, 2010

things i love...

i'm doing my list a little early this week, we are heading off to palm springs for a few days, and i don't know if i'll have time, or an internet connection while we're out there...

this week was loaded with activities for us, while my sister and her family were in town, we found ourselves at disneyland, the zoo, playa del rey, and the parks in our neighborhood. even though it was all relaxed and not on any time constraints, it was exhausting running around everywhere. today is the first day since they left, and e woke up asking for his cousins. after he ran around the entire house and looked in every room, he says to me, "mama, but i love my cousins. where are they????" melt my heart and put it on a biscuit that was the sweetest thing i had heard come out of his mouth.

here are my loves:

1.handwriting. if i could figure out how to create a font out of my handwriting, i would. (and i'm working on it, i just am SO computer illiterate.) it's probably a lot easier than i realize, but i need someone to walk me through how to do it.

2. the pioneer woman from cooking to homeschooling, photography and gardening. this woman is my hero. if i could be like her, i would be. she has such talent and drive, and such a love of life that comes through in her writing and photos. i get lost in her website for hours at a time. if you haven't read high heels and tractor wheels, you better. it's addicting.

3. here's a shout out to another photographer who i admire: Candice Benjamin. she and i met at an la shootout event earlier this month, and since then, i have blog stalked her work and followed her on facebook. she is also new to the industry, but you would never be able to tell. she has such an amazing eye for detail and style, and i just love her! she has the sweetest disposition, and was so fun to shoot with. plus, she makes amazing head pieces, which she sells on etsy too.

4. snapple iced tea. lemon. not diet, not raspberry, not peach, lemon. and only lemon. i could drink it every day and never get sick of it. it was the only thing i craved while pregnant (that's not true, i also craved 7-11 slurpee's) every time we are driving and my hubs has to stop for gas, he comes out with one for me. i love him for the little things like that! forget the flowers, bring me a 12 pack of lemon snapple iced tea, and i will be a happy girl!

5. my mom's clam chowder. i've been craving it lately (even though it's 85 degrees out today). she makes it from scratch and it is so creamy and peppery and pure yumminess. i think i'm going to have to ask her to come down and make some for me...

and because it is almost easter, i'm throwing in a 6th this week: jelly belly jellybeans. YUM! nough said. :)

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  1. Kym, check out this site for converting your handwriting into a font...they do it for you and then provide it for free!




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