Thursday, March 18, 2010

the first thursday favorite things list

i read quite a few blogs on a regular basis, and i always love when they do a weekly things they love. so i'm jumping on the wagon and starting one too. since thursdays (aka, grey's anatomy night) are my favorite day of the week, i figure i'll start today!

1. classic v neck t shirts. white, grey, yellow, black, my wardrobe consists mainly of these tshirts. if i had to live out of one thing for the rest of my life, it would be these. absolute favorite are american apparel so comfy and cute! a close second, i just discovered at target, mossimo has super cute and good fitting ones too! and for only $7.99, they don't break the wallet when you want to swoop up every color!

2. my signature lip color (as of yesterday). thank you target, again! jemma kidd is an amazing makeup artist who i have loved since my days as a makeup artist and hairstylist, and now she has her own makeup line carried at my favorite one stop shop.

3. since i'm listing so many items from the store, i might as well add it to my list: target. i love love LOVE target. when i was in college (mom, stop reading now), i would buy everything you could imagine from the store b/c it was one place my parents didn't question when they got the credit card bill. and i could always say it was cleaning supplies and food, not the purses, sunglasses, books, makeup, dvd's and cd's that it really was! thanks mama!! now, it's still the place i can go and buy stuff for the boys, the house, me, whatever, and my husband doesn't question. Except of course when it's my third trip in a week and i've managed to spend over a hundred bucks at each trip. on what? i'll tell you when i figure that out! damn red tag specials!

4. Sophie the giraffe. W's favorite teething toy. she is classic and modern all at once. and since giraffes are my favorite, when we received this gift, my heart melted with how adorable it is!

5. i have to thank my sisters for turning me on to this one, trader joes pizza dough. with how much i love pizza and how often we eat it in this house (every sunday. i know their number by heart. pathetic, i know), i thought it would be fun to start making our own. e loves to roll the dough out and get to decorate his himself, and i love how cost efficient (and yummy!) it is. for just a couple bucks, you get the dough in a plastic baggie. all you do is let it sit out of the bag at room temp for 20 minutes, roll it out, top it with whatever you please (mushrooms and pineapple for me, pepperoni and sausage for m, and e likes 4 cheeses), pop it on the bbq or in the oven, and 15 minutes later, you have a yummy, fresh pizza. they have a few different types of dough, i prefer the garlic herb myself.

that's it! my first thursday favorites list! look forward to next thursday, when i come up with 5 more of my favorite things to share with y'all!

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