Saturday, March 13, 2010

my son is three! i can hardly believe that three years ago, i was pushing a baby out (at this exact time). he was a month early, so we were hardly ready, but just like in hide and go seek, ready or not, here he came! we had just moved into the house 12 days earlier, his nursery didn't have furniture yet, we'd been working at painting it, and i didn't even have his coming home outfit picked out (let alone my hospital bag packed!).

m had been at work the night before, and had a funeral to go to in the morning. not a problem, i was going to head over to the social security building and finally legally change my last name. we'd both be back by lunch time to hang out and unpack some boxes. everything seemed fine to me. i took a shower, got dressed in my favorite pair of comfy black goucho pants, and started to drive to the SS building. as i waited to turn left at the light, i felt the rush. oh boy! did i just pee myself? i JUST got the tahoe washed yesterday, dang it! U-TURN back to the house i go. SS will have to wait. i try calling m, who normally always had his phone on, and it goes to voicemail. granted, he's at a funeral, so i understand. and i'm not freaking out. so i send him a text "think my water might have broken. not sure. call me when you can". no response. ok, i'll just try calling him when i get back to the house. nothing. for 2 and a half hours and 12 texts, i get NO response. i'm not in pain or anything, so really, i just thought it was false labor. what would i know, it was my first baby! finally, m calls me. he is in a panic, and felt so guilty he hadn't called me earlier. for the first time in history, he had turned his phone to silent instead of vibrate. it wasn't until one of the guys at the funeral suggested going and grabbing lunch that he checked his phone and saw all my calls and texts. he was on his way home. here's where the story gets interesting. m was only about 5 miles from our house, but it seems EVERYTHING you could imagine happening, happened in that short distance. Because of the funeral, he got stuck in the traffic from the precession. he had to tell the motocops that his wife was in labor to get past it all. after he does, a truck carrying railroad ties drops its load in the middle of the road. he is stuck now for another 15 minutes while they move them out of the way. after the ties, he hits every red light between here and there. when he finally gets home, he's frantic (although he doesn't admit it, he says he was perfectly calm). As he changes out of his suit, i'm loading the car with my bag, which i've calmly packed. i am zen at this point. almost giddy. and in disbelief that this could actually be labor. there was no pain. just a few cramps every few minutes. we get to the hospital, and since we haven't preregistered (PS, make sure you preregister) they make us go through and do all the paper work. seriously people, i'm in labor. can the paper work be done from my hospital bed after they check me out? of course not. so an hour later, they get me to a room and confirm, yes, i am in fact, in labor.
a few hours and some gorey details later, my son E came into this world. a month early, but still weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz. he was admitted to the NICU for severe respiratory distress, and had to stay until his lungs fully developed, 13 days later. but that is a whole other story.

he is my miracle boy, and i can't imagine my life without him. and now, three years later, we celebrated his birthday with a super hero themed party complete with a cape making factory, masks, and spiderman jump house. he is a strong brut of a boy, and while he tests my patience with his terribles, he also never ceases to amaze me with how caring and sweet he can be. nothing melts my heart faster than the smile he gets on his face when he wakes up and says "good morning, good morning, good morning to you mama" in the same sing songy voice i said to him every morning in his crib. i love him more and more each day, and tell him that every night. happy birthday e!

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