Sunday, March 7, 2010


i had a new experience on friday. one that pushed me out of my realm and comfort zone, and got me thinking and doing. i joined a group of photographers, models, and a makeup artist for an Urban LA photo shoot on the streets of Hollywood. It was put on by a group called LA Shoot This! and works at networking, building portfolios, and just having fun while shooting together.

i'll admit, i'm not the most comfortable with directing people at how to pose (after all, majority of my clients are under the age of 3) but after watching and listening to Ken-Y direct for a bit, and then him making me jump in and do it myself, i started to build the confidence and began being able to vocalize what it was i wanted the models to do. m and i used to watch "fear factor" every week, and when it would be the couples, we would always say how awesome we would do, at every category BUT the blind folded obstacle courses. "it's over there, no, over THERE, no, by the thinga mawhoey. Dude, you are way off, i'll just get it myself" yeah. i'm not always the best at getting the right words out. that is why days like friday are so important for me. plus, i got to meet some pretty awesome people, and look forward to the next group shoot to hang out with them again!

here's a few of the pictures from the day. i was pretty happy with the out comes, the models were all great!

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  1. I didn't see my last comment post so I'm sending another one! I like this post, glad you got to try something new, Kym!




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