Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coco is 6 months!

the other night, my girlfriend lara posted a video of coco and her older brother colton having their first tea party together. it was precious! at that moment, i knew when we did coco's 6 month pictures, her little tea set would be included! on tuesday, we made the trek out of the valley down to her house in costa mesa. it was a beautiful day, the warmest we've had so far this year. while e and w played with colt, i stole coco away for her session. she is one of the happiest and most adorable babies i have worked with, and i adore my future daughter in law! after we took a few outside, we moved in to her nursery, where we did a quick costume change. to her mama's surprise, she stood all by herself holding on to her crib! how awesome it was for me to get to capture her first time standing! coco was so proud of herself, and it shows!

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