Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the kaplan family

inge and i met through mutual friends. we have sons who are about the same age. she recently got a job offer out in iowa or ohio or one of those states in the middle of the country, and we are sad to see her leave. she approached me a few weeks ago asking if we could do a family session before her move, and i of course said yes. she and her lovely family will be leaving the beauty of california for wheat fields and flat lands (ok, i don't know that for sure, but it's just what i picture. i'm sure they will be in a city, in the 'burbs, but i like to think of them living on a farm, because that is all that the middle of the country is to me!) at the end of the week.

so inge, jeff, jason, william and i met up sunday morning at orcutt ranch. i suggested the sight, as it is one of my favorite spots up here in the valley, and jeff, who is born and raised in the valley, had never heard of it! it is definitely a place to come, if you've never been. we strolled through the orange and grapefruit groves, letting will lead the way. their family is so easy going, that is was easy to hold conversation with each of them. jason, who is 14, was maybe one of the most polite teenagers i have met. off the bat, he came over and introduced himself, without being prompted by either parent, and shook my hand. i was impressed! and will, who is four, was in his businessman attire and ready to pose. it was a struggle getting him to take his tie off, but we convinced him that even businessmen like to "relax and have a drink" for a few pictures!

We spent an hour wondering the grounds, in and out of the trees, the barn, and the old adobe home. it was a beautiful morning, and a great day to start day light savings!
Inge, Jeff, Jason and WIll, you will be missed! thank you for allowing me to capture your family before you move, i wish you nothing but happiness in the future!

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