Tuesday, March 16, 2010

just because

when i opened the mail box yesterday, i was greeted with a brown cardboard box. not a big deal, e's birthday was on saturday, and our out of town family had been sending him gifts all week long. but to my surprise, it was for me! i still wasn't sure if it was actually for me though, until i opened it to find a perfectly wrapped little blue box with a white ribbon. No, not THAT blue box with a white ribbon (although that would have been nice!) giddy as a school girl, i open the little note attached to see who it was from, and all the note said is "just because". automatically i assumed it was from my hubs, since i told him i expect a thank you on each of the boy's birthdays, for going through the pains of labor (he laughed at me). as i open the box, i see it is personalized note cards! now, i have a huge smile on my face! if you know me, then you know i am obsessed with hand written notes. i don't know if there is anything i love more than to take a moment and write a little note and pop it in the snail mail to a friend or client. beautiful personalized note cards, just for me! with one of my favorite flowers (ok, so it's a weed, but they are still pretty) dandelions! when the hubs walked into the room, i threw my arms around him to say thank you, and he had no clue what i was talking about. he said it must have been my mom. when i asked my mom today, she said it wasn't her, so i am left with no one to thank! I am putting it out there, whoever they are from THANK YOU! THANK YOU for thinking of me, and knowing me well enough to know how much i would appreciate the beauty of a not card! THANK YOU! and if you'd like to take credit for sending them to me, then i will send a hand written thank you back! So thank you whoever, for making my day!

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